Below are instructions how to email me with a pgp encrypted message. Unfortunately, the process is rarely used and seems to fail more often that it succeeds. I am not willing to communicate without encryption, so my recommendation is for you to give up all hope of contacting me. I will nevertheless leave the instructions for the one or two people who might try and succeed.

I only accept emails pgp encrypted to the public key for (also available in the text area below). Write your text message and include your pgp public key in the message if you expect a reply. Encrypt the entire message (including your pgp public key, who you are, and the email address to which I should reply) to the public key for and email the encrypted message to

An automated process will check for encrypted content of emails to and deliver the encrypted parts (and only those parts) to me. If you send an unencrypted email, I will never know. I will also never see the unencrypted content (e.g., the Subject line). You will receive no warning and no reply in such a case.

If this is your first time sending me a message, follow these instructions carefully:

Sometimes the process fails, for a variety of reasons. If I have received your message and you have included a public key for you, then I will try to respond within a week, at least to acknowledge receipt of the message. If you do not hear from me within a week, you should assume that I did not receive the message or do not have your public key. It is possible that your email service provider is adding excessive formatting to the message you sent which makes it difficult to extract the pgp encrypted content.

After have responded to one of your messages, you can assume I have your public key. At that point you can decide for yourself whether to sign future encrypted messages you send me. Always only sign with a public key I already have, since otherwise the message will be lost.

The public key for